Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

By Myriana Dobson

I visited the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston back in 2016. My experience at the museum was extremely memorable. The Fine Arts museum is very large, so it takes a few hours to observe everything. The Museum of Fine Arts mission is to “houses and preserves preeminent collections and aspires to serve a wide variety of people through direct encounters with works of art.”[1] Continue reading “Museum of Fine Arts, Boston”

Just for Kids? In Defense of Science Museums

By Joseph Breault

Do me a favor; I want you to take a minute to think about a science museum.  Unless you’re a parent, you probably haven’t been to one since you were a kid yourself.  What do you remember about them?  The interactive displays?  All the flashy exhibit pieces drawing your attention all over the building?  If you were to stop into one again today, you’d probably find it exactly as you remember; including full of children. Continue reading “Just for Kids? In Defense of Science Museums”

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