Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

By Myriana Dobson

I visited the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston back in 2016. My experience at the museum was extremely memorable. The Fine Arts museum is very large, so it takes a few hours to observe everything. The Museum of Fine Arts mission is to “houses and preserves preeminent collections and aspires to serve a wide variety of people through direct encounters with works of art.”[1] The museum was founded in 1870 and built in Copley Square. The 1870s museum has the most comprehensive art in the world. It has approximately 500,000 works of art. The atmosphere is elaborate with many exhibits, including; Ancient Egyptian, Contemporary, Special Exhibitions, and Innovative Educational Programs.

Moving towards collections displayed at the Fine Arts museum. MFA has collections such as; Libraries and Archives, Americas, Europe, Asia, the Ancient World, photography, Jewelry, Provenance, and so much more. Each collection is distantly assorted in chronological order. Some of the art displayed channels your emotions in ways you can’t imagine. Not only does MFA provide a series of collections, they also provide programs. Their programs are educational for example, lectures and courses. This week December 6, 2017, MFA is teaching a course on Art and Archeology of Ancient Nubia and more. The museum interpret history through course, lectures, and tours. Lectures/courses gives you the opportunity to embrace your curiosities. Lectures provide visuals and performing artists, curators, conservators, and authors. MFA allows the visitors to use critical thinking and a deep understanding of arts and exhibits. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is an experience rather than a simple tour. You must experience MFA to understand the uniqueness they display. “ The Museum aims for the highest standards of quality in all its endeavors. It serves as a resource for both those who are already familiar with art and those for whom art is a new experience. Through exhibitions, programs, research and publications, the Museum documents and interprets its own collections. It provides information and perspective on art through time and throughout the world.”[2]I highly recommend visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, because they have many great exhibits to offer.



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